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Personal Trainer Glasgow FAQ

Q: For personal training ,do I already need to be fit before seeing a personal trainer?

A: NO of course not!

Our job is to evaluate each individual's capabilities and start you off at a very gentle level and gradually progress at a rate you are comfortable with.

Q: I have a busy life! How will I fit in a training programme?


A successful training programme is determined by the quality of the work performed not its duration. A short period of 30-45 minutes, twice a week, is all that is needed to promote quantifiable benefits in your health and fitness.

Q: I feel self conscious about my appearance -will I be expected to
exercise in front of other people?

A: NO!

All sessions are strictly on a one to one basis in our unique private gymnasium.

Q: Will I need to bring anything?

Just yourself in comfortable loose clothing and trainers.

Q: Will I be expected to go on a diet?

A: NO!

Severe diets are unproductive and not necessary. We will assess your needs and devise an appropriate healthy balanced eating plan.

Q: How quickly can I expect to get results?

A: Rapidly!

Adherence to the appropriate programme relative to your specific requirements will deliver rapid results.

Some results come quicker than others. Of prime importance is the need to improve your basic level of health, mobility and well being. This will build the foundation which will enable you to progress towards your goal.

Q: Is it expensive?

A: No!

Thankfully we are in the unique position of having our own "private one-to-one gymnasium". This enables us to provide a very competitive service which is affordable to all.

Q: No more questions?

A: Good!

Then you've used up all your excuses -so what are you waiting for? -your health and happiness is only a phone call away.